At selected club meetings, one of our members delivers a presentation of a famous photographer’s life and work. Some of the past photographers presented were:

Ernst Haas
Helen Levitt
Sally Mann
Margaret Bourke-White
Diane Arbus
Joel Sternfeld
Aaron Siskind
Saul Leiter
Andre Kertesz
George Hurrell
Irving Penn
Elliot Erwitt
Berenice Abbott
Jacob Riis
Joe McNally
Arnold Newman
Edward Steichen
William Eggleston
Galen Rowell
Andre Kertesz
Ryan Brenizer
Annie Leibovitz
Alfred Stieglitz
Robert Frank
Richard Avedon
Mark Wallace

As we go forward, we will be posting a brief biography of the photographer being presented with web links to explore more information about them and their works.

Joel MeyerowitzJoel Meyerowitz (American, b. 1938) began his photography career in the early 1960s when, inspired by the great Robert Frank, he abruptly quit his advertising job to photograph life on the streets of New York City. Eventually he broadened his scope, photographing people, places and landscapes worldwide. He advocated color imaging during a time when his contemporaries still resisted the idea of color photography as serious art. Meyerowitz appeared extensively in the 2006 BBC documentary series The Genius of Photography and in the 2013 documentary film Finding Vivian Maier. He is the author of 16 books including Cape Light, considered a classic work of color photography. Meyerowitz was the only photographer allowed unrestricted access to Ground Zero following the 2001 destruction of New York’s World Trade Center. He published his work in the book Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive.
 Taryn SimonTaryn Simon (American, b. 1975) is a conceptual artist whose work encompasses photography, text and graphic design. Her projects involve extensive research, guided by an interest in classification, forensic documentation and a desire to tell untold stores and reveal undiscovered phenomena. Simon’s major works include The Innocents, An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, Contraband, A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, Black Square and Birds of the West Indies. She is a graduate of Brown University and a 2001 Guggenheim Fellow. Her work is held in the permanent collections of Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Tate Modern in London and Centre Pompidou in Paris. For more information, see and
Vivian MaierChicago historian, John Maloof, in his efforts to augment his writings, purchased over 100,000 negatives at an auction house. The photographs were taken over a forty year period by Vivian Maier, unknown,untrained street photographer. During her career as a nanny Maier created a treasure trove of photos using her natural eye for detail, light and composition. Seven years later, Maier’s work has been exhibited posthumously all over the world, eliciting enthusiasm from those who appreciate photography and art from every walk of life including highly trained professional photographers and museum curators. Visit
Martin ParrMartin Parr (British, b. 1952) is a documentary photographer and photojournalist. With an intimate, humorous and satirical style, his images of people at their leisure unveil absurdities that occur when they try to elevate themselves. Parr has published nearly 70 books and participated in 80 major exhibitions worldwide. He has been a member of the prestigious Magnum photo agency since 1994 and was elected its president in 2014.Parr seeks out garish, saturated colors, often using fill flash and tight compositions to examine his subjects “under the microscope” in their own environment. His technique has been said to leave viewers emotionally ambiguous, unsure whether to laugh or cry. Visit
Martin BaileyMartin Bailey is a Tokyo based photographer.  He grew up in England and relocated to Japan in 1993. Specializing in nature and wildlife photography, his tour company travels world wide. The company’s motto is “Let’s not rush to ‘arrive’. It’s all about the journey.” You can see more of his work at
Dina Belenko

Dina Belenko is a Fine Art photographer from Russia.  Her creative approach to still life has earned her internet notoriety.  With unique handcrafted props combined with an offbeat sense of humor she creates conceptual still life works, each telling a story.  You can follow her on Instagram and Flickr or check out her tutorials on 500 pix.

Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark was a documentary/portrait photographer born in Elkins Park, PA later based in New York City.  A very prolific photographer her work was published in numerous magazines.  She published 18 books in her lifetime and was working on a 19th when she passed away in 2015.  She was interested in documenting people’s lives as they actually lived, often spending months with a particular group.  Her interest led her to explore difficult topics as she traveled across the globe. Her work is primarily in black & white.  You can see more of her work and read stories behind some of her projects at