Membership - Join Us!

Membership in the Doylestown Photo Club is for twelve months (1 year) and we offer several levels of membership:

  • Individual - $50.00 per year
  • Dual - 2 adults residing at the same address - $80.00 per year
  • Student - $35.00 per year with ID

Visitors pay a $10 entry fee for program meetings. Upon payment of the entry fee, non-members will receive a coupon code entitling them to $10 off membership if enrolled before or at the next meeting.

All visitors should stop at the front reception desk to register and receive a visitor name badge for the evening.

To join the Doylestown Photo Club, complete and submit the membership form.  After submitting your member information choose the appropriate payment button at the end of this page to activate your membership.

Your Member Details

If applying for Dual membership, please submit the form twice to give us the name, e-mails and phone contact information for both members



Annual dues for one person
$52.00 per year
($50.00 + $2.00 Convenience fee)

Annual dues for two people
$83.20 per year
($80.00+ $3.20 Convenience Fee)

Annual student dues
$36.40 per year
($35.00 +  $1.40 Convenience fee)

Note:  A convenience fee is added to card payments to over the cost of processing