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Photo backups

I have read various tips on how and where to back up photos and trying to minimize a device failure.  Some recommendations include use of several external hard drives,  several USB/thumb drives, cataloguing by year on SD cards, cloud based such as Google or Amazon (free for prime members.)

Does anyone have a "photography best practice" or suggestion for methods and devices to back up photographs?


Flo Rutherford


The first important question:  Are you using Windows or a Mac?

Windows 10/PC

I use Genie Timeline Pro from Genie9.  This is a link to their Timeline Pro.  They also have a home version of the Timeline product that you can see here.

What I like about this software is that is continuous data protection; that is, once you set it up, every time you add a new file, or change an existing file, it backs it up as a new version, so you can restore any deleted file, or any previous version of a file (in the case you edited a photo).

I backup everything to an external USB drive.  Any external drive will do, but I like WD Passport drives because they are small and portable, and if you wanted, could to into a bank safe deposit box for offsite storage.

I recently introduced Michael Tontoni to Genie Timeline and he seems to be happy with it.

There is also a current discussion on photo backups on DPREVIEW here.

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