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February 2018 Meeting Announcements

The following are notes and announcement from our February meeting:

Interclub Competition
Information about the Interclub Competition can be found in this forum post.

April will be here before you know it, so start looking through your images or take some new ones and start sending them in. A web page will be set up in the next week to display submissions, and I will send out a notice when it's ready.

As an extra incentive, I will bring the coveted trophy awarded to the winning club to the next meeting so everyone can see what we're working for!

I want everyone to have a little fun and increase their post processing skills by practicing some of what we covered in the masking Focus Ring this month, so the Main Event for May will be Levitation or Trick Photography.

Something to take away from the Focus Ring is that you can create some awesome images with very simple shooting, and very basic masking of layers.

I will get the sample images I used for the Focus Ring posted to the forum and will send out a link when they're there.

When you have any images you want to submit for this program, send them to and include Tricks in the subject line.

The March Main Event will be: So Close!

We want members to take extreme close-up or macro photographs. We want them to be so extreme, that we won't know what they are. As part of the presentation, we will:

  • Try to figure out what the heck that picture is, and
  • Find out how it was taken. I.e. lighting, set-up, lenses, etc.

Exhibitions and Contests
The Phillips Mill 2018 Photography Exhibition will be held June 2 - 24. Information and the entry form can be found in this forum post.

Jean McKenna has identified two exibitions/contests that members may be interested in entering, and information about both of them can be found on the forum in these posts:

We have a few fun meet-ups coming up. The nice thing is that they're indoors, so we don't have to worry about the weather.

They've been posted to the calendar, and if you're interested in attending please be sure to register for the event on the website so you can be contacted with any information related to the meet-up.

They are:

  • March 6: The Philadelphia Flower Show
  • March 10th: Simeone Automotive Museum

Wayne Woodruff told the group about the spring release of water into Tinicum Creek and the white water rafting. We'll post any additional information we get about that opportunity

If you have any questions, post a reply to this topic.

How should we submit photos for the Main Event?  The same as the Photo Quest with Main Event in the subject?

apologies, but I totally missed this.....

Images go to the same place:  You can either put "Main Event", "So Close", or "Macro" in the subject line.

I'll make sure I'm subscribed to this category so I don't miss questions in the future.

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