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Depth of Field for still life light painting

So I'm perplexed.  I've been playing with the light painting / Harold Ross photography and am confused with Depth of Field.  I have a camera set up 5 feet from my subject, 24mm, F18.  My subject is a table top that is 2 feet in depth.  I am just barely getting pin sharpness from the front of the photo to the back of the photo.  A DoF table would suggest that from 2'1" to infinity I should have 'acceptable' sharpness.  I guess if I was taking a landscape photo I would be fine with some softness in the distance, but for still life I want pin sharpness from front to back.  Does anyone know of a chart where it shows pin sharpness (a made up term) from front to back based on aperture, lens, and f-stop?

Hi Jerry, Is your camera crop or a full frame that matters,

on a crop  the near is limit 2.71 ft.- far limit 39.13 ft. =36.42 ft.

Full frame the near limit is 2.21 ft. - far limit infinity.

Photographer Friend by Martin Bailey

It seems that you should have a 2 foot object, sharp from front to back, might it be that the light value is changing - (inverse square law) light falloff.

Good luck,

Russell Brandriff


Hi Jerry, Just a though, could it be lens diffraction due being closed down to f 18?, also you might try the same set-up in daylight to see what happen to be sure it not a light issue.

Russ Brandriff