Club Meeting

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Date(s) - Thursday Jul 09, 2020
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Note:  There is a $10.00 visitor fee for non-members to attend speaker meetings.  You can purchase a pass by clicking the button below, and when the meeting invitation is e-mailed out, we will send you the connection information.  If you join our club, this visitor fee will be refunded.

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  • Announcements
  • Photo Quest Presentation – To Be Announced
  • Break
  • Main Event – Guest Speaker:  Betsy Wilson presenting:  Indoor Photo Creativity – Oodles of Ideas

Being limited geographically while social distancing does not mean our photographic opportunities need to be limited.

Betsy will share a plethora of fun ideas to create unique and creative images in the comfort of your home. She will also explore the world of still life photography through her unique perspective, which goes way beyond fruit bowls and flowers. A combination of traditional still life subjects, nature’s fascinating still subjects, and a few whimsical and unusual creations, Betsy’s images provide studies in composition and lighting. Unlike landscape or street photography, the photographer is in complete control of subject matter, composition, shape, color, depth of field, lighting and presentation. The true skill lies in the ability to take something mundane and everyday out of its normal habitat and transform it into something of beauty by using our skills as photographers