John Barclay Discovery LectureIdeas and approaches that will help you overcome your feelings of F.U.D. (Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts) and then find and create your own images no matter where you are
Back Button FocusingFrom the Focus Ring presentation on Back Button focusing
How to add a WatermarkHow to make a watermark brush in Photoshop and Elements
Time Lapse PhotographyUsing an intervalometer and Time Lapse photography by Alvin Lavoie
Painting with LightSlides From the Oct 2016 Focus Ring about light painting and light sculpture
Photography with FlashSlides from the Oct 2016 presentation about Photography with Flash
Monitor CalibrationSlides from the Dec Focus Ring – An Introduction to Monitor Calibration
HistogramsSlides from the Jan 2017 Focus Ring on understanding Histograms
Black and White PhotographySlides from the March 2017 Focus Ring on Black and White Digital Photography
Wide Angle PhotographySlides from Marc Lombardi’s April 2017 presentation
Exposure CompensationSlides from July 2017 Focus Ring on Exposure Compensation


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