The library pages are convenient place to get relevant information on all things photography and club related. Information and documents presented at meetings will be posted here so they will be available as reference to be read on-line or downloaded.

Club CharterThe current version of the club Charter which outlines the bylaws and guidelines which govern the club
Liaility WaiverAll club members wishing to participate in Field Trips or Club Sponsored Meet-ups are required to print and sign the Liability Waiver and return the signed copy to a member of the Steering Committee. To print this document you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or a comparable PDF reader installed on your computer.
Member of the MonthSuggested talking points for preparing a Member of the Month presentation
Vendor ListThe names of suppliers and links to websites where you can have photos printed, and obtain Paper, Matboard, Frames and Glass
Mounting ArtworkHow to mount your artwork to matboard using a T-hinge
TripodsInformation on selecting a Tripod: Why they’re needed, materials, things to consider and links to manufacturers websites


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