Welcome to the Doylestown Photo Club

Every month we challenge our members with a new PhotoQuest.  The following images are a few samples from our last assignment:  Simplicity

The full slideshow is available for viewing on our Galleries Page.

Our Next Meeting is Thursday, April 11th

Doors open at 6:00 PM


We will start the evening with a pre-meeting Focus Ring at 6:30 on Long Exposure/Bulb Photography

For the main event, we will be hosting guest speaker Chis Karfakis.

Chris is a photo historian who will present The Evolution of Photography – From Cave Drawings to Selfies.  In some form or another photography has been with us since man scratched images on a cave wall.  Zeus gave us fire and the alchemist  parlayed fire and elements to preserve an image on a silver plated sheet of copper.  The alchemist evolved to a photographer and the photographer became a chemical engineer.  Come with us on a journey through time and see how photography fits into your pocket.

Background Image © Jim Milligan

The Doylestown Photo club promotes and excites interest in the art of photography while supporting and encouraging photographers of all skill levels.  We provide an open learning environment where those with experience share their knowledge with others.  We welcome and cultivate friendships, mutual understanding and social interaction.

Come join us at one of our meetings.

We hope you will become a part of our enthusiastic community.

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