Welcome to the Doylestown Photography Club

Every month we challenge our member with a new PhotoQuest. The following are some samples from our last assignment: Lights.

Click any thumbnail to view larger images. The full slideshow is available for viewing on our Galleries Page.



Our Next Meeting is Thursday, March 9th


We will present the program originally planned for the February Meeting:


Beginning at 6:15 before the start of the regular meeting, we will be presenting a Focus Ring on Black and White Photography.


The Main Event for the evening will be: My Photo, Your Vision.

Everyone sees things differently and has a unique vision for each captured image. Two photographers taking pictures of the same subject will more often than not produce final images very different from each other.

For this exercise, members will exchange copies of their un-retouched images for post-processing. During the evening, we will compare the finished products, and discuss how any why the two photographers produced the images they did, and how they got there.

It promises to be an informative and enlightening experience!









The Doylestown Photography club promotes and excites interest in the art of photography while supporting and encouraging photographers of all skill levels.  We provide an open learning environment where those with experience share their knowledge with others.  We welcome and cultivate friendships, mutual understanding and social interaction.

Come join us at one of our meetings.

We hope you will become a part of our enthusiastic community.